Are you buying or selling a home in the Middle Tennessee area and considering obtaining a Home Inspection Report?

This is just as important as choosing the realtor that ensures your best interest are the primary concern. Over 60% of new home buyers are dissatisfied after the deal closes. The primary reason is the discovery of home maintenance issues, which could have been reflected in a Home Inspection Report, and therefore be less surprising.

Customer oriented home inspectors and realtors are available who want to be your advocate during this process.  They partner together to close the deal for you and ensure you have the details in the home inspection report that are needed to make an informed decision. Would you want to know if there are safety concerns that may harm your loved ones?


Home Maintenance Reports:

Owning a home requires preventative maintenance and repairs to ensure you are protecting your investment.  Owning a home is the single most important investment we make in our lifetime. 

We buy our first home, and as our family grows so do our needs. Ensuring this investment maintains it value, we need to trust it is safe and will retain value whether leaving it as a legacy or selling in order to right-size our home and meet our family’s needs.


Seller’s Reports:

While we may have been living in a home for a while, we may not have undertaken the due diligence needed to look in those hard to get to places. The crawlspace and attic tell us a lot about the condition of the home. Knowing and correcting these issues prior to selling a home can make a significant difference at closing.

Waiting for the buyer to obtain a report and being surprised at the concessions being requested, may have a significant impact on the closing price. Having the needed time to shop for repairs can save a considerable amount of money.


Buyers Reports:

When buying a home, we want to know that we are making a wise investment for our family. Could there be safety concerns like lead in the paint, asbestos or conditions that allow for microbial growth? Are the major appliances going to last awhile or do we need to budget for repairs or replacements? What is the condition of the roof and foundation?

Providing these details are the Home Inspector’s obligation and your right as a buyer to understand.

Owning a home is one of the most rewarding choices we make in our lifetime. It is where we will create memories for everyone who comes through our doors.  We take great pride in decorating the home to make a statement about who we are personally as well as reflecting how others view our values towards community.

We take the time to research the neighborhood, schools, churches as well as crime rate before we ever consider where to look for a home. These factors alone may tell the prospective buyer what type of home owner previously owned the home.  Was it maintained well with preventative maintenance, had repairs made as they occurred or left unresolved for the new buyer.

We buy or build these homes to create a shelter for our family and loved ones to feel secure within its walls.  We want this investment to grow in value as well as the memories created by the decisions we make and it all starts at the beginning.

Ensure you have the team that wants to keep your best interest first and foremost throughout the process.  Your Realtor and Home Inspector will be your subject matter experts and ensure you have the details needed to make an informed decision.

AIMHI Home Inspections wants to take the time to provide you a thorough inspection and partner with you in learning the homes condition so you have the peace of mind you deserve once the deal closes. At AIM-HI Accurate Investment & Mortgage Home Inspections, LLC we are concerned about how we are viewed a year after the deal closes and the value we bring your family.


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